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Flowfix Plumbing

Flowfix Plumbing

Specialists in renovations and maintenance plumbing, servicing the Hibiscus Coast.

FlowFix Plumbing is family-owned with 90% of our work based on the Hibiscus Coast, Auckland.

We specialise in maintenance and renovation plumbing, which gives us the joy of every day being different and the satisfaction of helping our community with their plumbing.

We believe getting the job done to the highest standard is of the utmost importance, however, service is also what people value the most.

This combination makes us your local plumber of choice on the Hibiscus Coast.

If you don't believe us - check out our reviews.

Dave is the owner and is also out on the road plumbing up a storm.

We have another plumber (Phil) who has years of experience.

We also have Cecilia in the office scheduling and offering support to the guys on the road.

Colette (Dave's partner) is in charge of sales and marketing.