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New Zealand Detector Dog Services

New Zealand Detector Dog Services

We are passionate about inspiring a proactive approach to safer, drug free environments in workplaces across NZ.

It is our company policy to source our dogs from the SPCA, pounds or animal welfare agencies in an effort to make a difference to the thousands of dogs that are destroyed every year in New Zealand.

Through the use of detector dog teams and K9 technology, we provide:

  • An effective and efficient screening and detection tool
  • Protection to staff and resources of value to companies and organisations
  • A high profile deterrence to illegal activities
  • An alternative technology which enhances existing practices and tools
  • A non-invasive, mobile tool for screening, risk assessment, intelligence gathering or research purposes

It is important to New Zealand Detector Dogs that our detector dog teams are operating to a high level of proficiency, their indications are accurate and reliable and teams are deployed in an effective and efficient manner.

A high standard of K9 fitness, healthcare, welfare and safety is also essential.

We have set the standards in New Zealand that all other companies now aspire to.

Our Services:

  • Apartments
  • Construction
  • Food Production / Primary Industry
  • Manufacturing / Engineering
  • Residential Drug Rehab / Bail / Mental Health facilities
  • Schools
  • Transport / Trucking / Logistics / Warehousing

Our drug dogs are a fast, dependable & cost effective screening tool for detecting specific risks and hazards associated with illegal drugs.

"NZ Detector Dogs has supplied us with a professional detector dog service for over 9 years. We are a large and diverse manufacturing business and they have always managed to meet our unusual schedules with professional, prompt and efficient service. Sarah (one of the dog handlers) is incredibly skilled at her craft, she manages the dogs in such a way they are calm and non-threatening to our staff. Sarah’s demeanour is such that she puts our valued people at ease with her approach and no one is made to feel embarrassed or intimidated by her approach. NZDDS are our only supplier of drug dogs and they have never let us down – they have always exceeded the very high expectations of APL".

Danielle Stowers-Boon, People & Performance Manager

"Since starting my role as Health & Safety Manager (one year) for a large national construction company based in Auckland, I have used NZ Detector Dogs across 12 of our projects. Without fail they have been punctual for every screening. Their communication is second to none, they provide prompt results and are very easy to work with. A very professional outfit and a pleasure to work with. I would be happy to recommend them where I can".

Andy Ireland, Auckland Health & Safety Manager (Construction)

We Provide National Coverage - New Zealand Wide

Read more on our website, or contact us today.