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Pulse Building Inspections Hibiscus Coast

Pulse Building Inspections Hibiscus Coast

We take your investment seriously and undertake comprehensive inspections so you won’t get any unexpected or expensive surprises meaning you can relax and focus on the fun parts of buying or owning a home.

Kevin from Pulse Building Inspections Hibiscus Coast is a respected and reputable building inspector on the Hibiscus Coast and prides himself in providing detailed building reports with accompanied photographs of all property defects.

Kevin is hands-on, focused entirely on giving accurate defect feedback on your investment, assessing everything from the roof and electrical panels to insulation and moisture levels.

Kevin has had a great career identifying property defects and saving his clients from unnecessary repair costs and even lengthy legal battles.

Pulse Building Inspections Hibiscus Coast specialises in a range of services to ensure you are fully informed of the condition of any property you may be considering buying or selling as well as additional services – we’ve got you covered!

Kevin’s services include:

Pre-Purchase Inspection Report

Purchasing a property can be a stressful time. You might have found the perfect house, but are you sure the building is structurally sound? Homebuyers want to be certain that the house they are going to purchase is perfect in every way for them. Organise a Pre-Purchase Inspection Report with a Pulse Building Inspector.

Pre-Sale Property Condition Report

If you are selling your property, a pre-sale property condition report puts you one step ahead of the competition and can convince potential buyers that you are a genuine vendor.

Healthy Homes Assessment

As an owner of an investment property, are you aware that you need to meet the minimum Standards for Healthy Homes? Landlords can be held liable for failure to comply and can face hefty fines. Use Pulse Building Inspections to conduct an assessment according to the NZ Healthy Homes requirements.

If you are interested in speaking with a building expert like Kevin to discuss your needs in more detail and organise a no-obligation quote, call Pulse Building Inspections Hibiscus Coast today.