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$50 million lotto draw changes announced

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Staff Reporter

08 June 2024, 1:00 AM

$50 million lotto draw changes announcedBiggest-ever draw requires new processes

Anticipation is high as locals gear up for tonight’s $50 million Must Be Won Lotto draw, the largest in New Zealand’s history.

With an estimated two million tickets expected to be sold, Lotto NZ has announced several changes to manage the unprecedented demand and ensure a smooth experience for players.

To handle the anticipated surge in traffic, Lotto NZ will implement a virtual queue for MyLotto users attempting to purchase tickets between 6.30pm and 7.30pm on Saturday.

A similar system will be in place when draw results are released around 9.15pm, allowing players to check their tickets without overwhelming the website.

In light of the massive ticket sales, MyLotto will open later than usual on Sunday, with a scheduled start time of 10am.

This delay aims to provide ample time for processing the extraordinary volume of transactions.

For media and public communication, Lotto NZ is adjusting its approach to releasing information about the winners.

On Saturday night, the following details will be made public:

  • Winning ball numbers for Lotto and Powerball
  • Number of Powerball winning tickets and amounts won
  • Number of Lotto winning tickets and amounts won
  • Number of Strike winning tickets and amounts won

Details regarding the locations and stores where the winning tickets were sold will be disclosed at noon on Sunday.

This change is designed to give players the opportunity to check their tickets personally before learning where the winning tickets were purchased.

Lucy Fullarton, Head of Corporate Communications for Lotto NZ, expressed gratitude to customers for their understanding and patience during this highly anticipated draw.

“With so much excitement around the draw, we want to ensure our players can enjoy the anticipation of the big win and have an opportunity to check their individual ticket before they hear in the news where the winning tickets were sold,” she said.

The Lotto NZ Communications team will be on standby throughout the weekend to assist with media inquiries and share the stories of the lucky winners.