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Auckland couple claims $7m Powerball prize

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Staff Reporter

04 July 2024, 9:01 PM

Auckland couple claims $7m Powerball prizeLast of seven winners claim their prize

An Auckland couple, possibly Coasties, has finally claimed their $7.18 million prize from the 8 June Powerball Must Be Won draw, Lotto NZ announced today.

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, bought their ticket due to the Must Be Won draw and took over two weeks to check it. “

We usually only check our tickets when we remember to – we weren’t in a rush,” the man said.

Upon finally scanning the ticket using the MyLotto App, they were directed to a Lotto store, where they discovered they had won the major prize.

“We were so excited!” he added.

The couple immediately called a family meeting to share the news with their children.

One child recalled, “We thought something serious had happened. When they told us they won $7 million, we were all so excited for them!”

The family celebrated with drinks, discussing potential plans for the money.

“They can now finish the house renovations and take the special overseas trip they’ve always talked about,” another child shared.

Reflecting on the win, the man said, “It’s all for them – everything has been. It means so much to know that my family will be looked after.”