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Easier granny flat builds proposed

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Staff Reporter

17 June 2024, 7:57 PM

Easier granny flat builds proposedGovernment seeks feedback on streamlining process

The Government is proposing changes to make building granny flats on existing properties simpler and more affordable.

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters says the move aims to address housing affordability concerns and offer families more flexible living arrangements.

“Making it easier to build granny flats will open doors for families who want to live together but with some independence,” Mr. Peters said.

“This is particularly helpful for seniors, adult children, or those needing extra support.”

The proposals involve amending the Building Act and the Resource Management Act.

This would potentially allow granny flats up to 60 square meters to be built without requiring resource consent in most cases.

“A National Environmental Standard (NES) would ensure consistency across councils,” said RMA Reform Minister Chris Bishop.

“This would likely streamline the process and reduce costs significantly.”

A discussion document outlining the proposals is available for public feedback. Submissions are open until mid-August 2024.

The aim is to finalise the policy later this year with legislative changes coming into effect by mid-2025.

The proposals include establishing clear criteria for exemption from building consent and ensuring these dwellings meet safety and quality standards.

Public feedback is encouraged to help refine the policy for a successful implementation by emailing [email protected]