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Ferry service to fully resume operations in Gulf Harbour

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Sandy Beech

05 July 2024, 2:05 AM

Ferry service to fully resume operations in Gulf HarbourCommuters anticipate full timetable return in September.

Auckland Councillor John Watson announced today that the Gulf Harbour ferry service will return to its full timetable on September 9, following progress in the Accelerated Training Programme.

Since last October, the service has been operating at reduced capacity with only six daily sailings during peak hours.

The reinstated schedule will include 24 sailings per day, covering inter-peak times and offering additional evening services.

The adjustment comes as welcome news to local commuters who have relied on the ferry for over 25 years.

Acknowledging their steadfast support during challenging times, Watson emphasised the importance of continued community backing for the service.

The Gulf Harbour ferry plays a crucial role in connecting Coasties to Auckland's transport network.

The upcoming timetable restoration aims to improve accessibility and convenience for passengers.