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Gull Millwater to discontinue 98 fuel

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Sandy Beech

04 July 2024, 7:15 PM

Gull Millwater to discontinue 98 fuelCoasties voice concerns over fuel change

Hibiscus Coast locals will soon notice a change at the Gull Millwater station as the company phases out 98 octane fuel in favour of Premium 95.

Gull, New Zealand’s largest independent fuel retailer with 115 stations, announced the switch due to strong demand for "great value premium fuel."

The change has stirred discontent among motorists who prefer 98 octane, especially those whose vehicles require higher octane levels.

Gull provided limited explanation but hinted at several factors influencing the decision.

The shift might be driven by cost-effectiveness, with 95 octane being cheaper to produce and distribute, allowing for more competitive pricing.

Additionally, consumer demand patterns appear to favour 95 octane fuel.

Production challenges, particularly related to the ethanol component in the 98 octane blend, have also played a role.

Concerns over compatibility with certain vehicle fuel systems and a strategic move to simplify their product lineup further explain Gull’s decision.

Despite the disappointment among some motorists, Gull’s move aligns with its goal to remain a competitive player in New Zealand’s fuel market.