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Iguana safely returned to Reptile Park

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Staff Reporter

12 April 2024, 8:38 PM

Iguana safely returned to Reptile ParkPolice seek public's help in solving burglary

The stolen iguana, taken from a reptile park in Wellsford, has been reunited with its companions following a burglary last month.

Sergeant Dan McDermott, Officer in Charge at Warkworth Police Station, explains that on 25 March, the Ti Point Reptile Park was burgled, with the thief absconding with two reptiles.

McDermott notes, "Since then the 17-year-old stolen leopard tortoise has been returned and now his eight-year-old iguana friend joins him back at the park."

Police have been actively pursuing leads, and McDermott states, "Police have received a number of calls from the public and are following positive lines of enquiry to locate the animal thieve's."

The incident has been distressing for both the reptiles and their caretakers, prompting McDermott to appeal to the community for assistance.

He urges anyone with information about the theft of the tortoise and the iguana to contact the authorities.

The Warkworth Police Station encourages individuals to share any details they may have, regardless of how insignificant they may seem. McDermott emphasises,

"No piece of information is too small and will ensure police can hold those involved to account."

If you possess any information pertinent to the investigation that has not yet been reported to the police, you are urged to contact them on 105, quoting file number 240320/8108.

This community effort is crucial in aiding law enforcement in their pursuit of justice for the stolen reptiles and holding the perpetrators accountable for their actions.