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Minister appoints new NZTA Chair

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Staff Reporter

11 March 2024, 1:51 AM

Minister appoints new NZTA ChairSimon Bridges to Chair the NZTA board.

In a strategic move to bolster the leadership of the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), former Transport Minister and CEO of the Auckland Business Chamber, Hon Simon Bridges, has been appointed as the new Board Chair.

The announcement came today from the current Transport Minister, Simeon Brown.

Mr. Brown expressed confidence in Bridges, citing his extensive experience and knowledge in transport policy and governance.

Bridges, who will serve a three-year term, is expected to bring a strong focus on delivery and outcomes, ensuring NZTA aligns with the Government Policy Statement on land transport.

Transport Minister Simeon Brown highlighted the critical role of the transport sector in the government's plan for economic growth and productivity.

He anticipates a fruitful collaboration with Simon Bridges over the next few years to realise the government's transport objectives.

The Minister took a moment to extend gratitude to Cassandra Crowley, who served as the Acting Chair of NZTA during the transitional period of the past three months.

Brown commended Crowley's strong leadership, advice, and support.

Simon Bridges, with a legal background, entered politics in 2008, representing the Tauranga electorate until his retirement in 2022.

Throughout his political career, he held various ministerial portfolios, including Transport, Economic Development, and Communications.

The appointment of Simon Bridges to the NZTA Chair position is viewed as a strategic move to leverage his multifaceted expertise and advance the agency's commitment to efficient and effective land transport solutions for New Zealanders.