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Power restoration in Northland expected this weekend

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Sandy Beech

20 June 2024, 8:44 PM

Power restoration in Northland expected this weekendConservation advised during peak times.

Power has been restored to most Northland residents, but peak time shortages persist.

Engineering teams are working on a temporary solution to fully restore power, expected by late Saturday or early Sunday.

Transpower's initial plan to lift a fallen tower and restore a 220kV circuit by Friday has shifted. Instead, a temporary tower will be installed, a complex task set to complete over the weekend.

During this period, the 110kV line and local generation should suffice for Northland's reduced weekend electricity demand.

Residents from Warkworth northwards are asked to conserve power during peak times on Friday (6 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 9 pm).

Tips include turning off heaters and lights in unused rooms, using large appliances sparingly, and charging electric vehicles only as needed.

While staying warm is essential, lowering heating temperatures by 1-2 degrees can help.

Transpower expressed gratitude to those who conserved power and apologised for the inconvenience, emphasising their commitment to restoring full power swiftly.