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Register your dog early, save money

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Staff Reporter

18 June 2024, 7:29 PM

Register your dog early, save moneyEarly-bird rates end 1 August

Auckland Council is urging dog owners to register their dogs early to take advantage of the early-bird fee, which ends on 1 August 2024.

The Hibiscus Coast community is reminded that early registration not only saves money but also ensures compliance with the Dog Control Act 1996.

Dog registration is an essential part of responsible dog ownership, and it provides various services, including reuniting lost dogs with their owners.

"Registering your dog is a legal requirement under the Dog Control Act 1996," says Elly Waitoa, Auckland Council's Animal Management Manager.

"Registration helps us identify dogs and reunite them with their owners in case they stray or get lost."

In addition, microchipping dogs is crucial, which can be done for a one-time fee of $37 at Auckland Council's animal shelters.

Dog owners can renew their registrations online using their dog reference number.

New blue dog tags will be mailed within 10 working days of payment.

The myAUCKLAND portal allows owners to manage their details and those of their dogs.