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Silverdale principal warns against running red lights

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Sandy Beech

29 June 2024, 8:00 PM

Silverdale principal warns against running red lightsIntersection of Longmore Lane, Millwater Parkway, and Bankside Road Millwater.

Silverdale Primary School principal Cameron Lockie has expressed concern following a near-miss incident involving a car running a red light near the school.

The incident occurred at the busy intersection of Longmore Lane, Millwater Parkway, and Bankside Road.

Lockie informed parents about the incident, emphasising the importance of stopping at yellow and red lights. "The driver who ran the red light nearly hit one of our children. There is no need to run a red light; nothing is more important than another person’s life," he stated.

Lockie reported the incident to the police and observed multiple drivers running red lights in recent days.

"Over the past three days, I have witnessed nine cars go through a red light. This is totally unacceptable and an accident waiting to happen," he said.

Source: Auckland Transport

Lockie has contacted police and Auckland Transport to patrol the area and fine violators.

He is urging drivers to prioritise the safety of children and adhere to traffic signals.

"By obeying red lights, we create a safer environment for children crossing the road, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries," he noted.