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Vaccine hesitancy concerns unveiled

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Staff Reporter

26 February 2024, 12:58 AM

Vaccine hesitancy concerns unveiledImage by Spencer Davis

Research conducted by Waipapa Taumata Rau, University of Auckland, highlights the factors influencing vaccine hesitancy in New Zealand. Concerns primarily revolve around severe adverse effects, vaccine effectiveness, and duration of protection.

With post-Covid-19 vaccination rates in New Zealand not meeting expectations, the study aims to address potential outbreaks of preventable diseases like measles.

The World Health Organisation recognises vaccine hesitancy as a top-ten public health threat.

Lead investigator Associate Professor Amy Chan, from the School of Pharmacy, emphasises the importance of understanding Kiwis' priorities for vaccine information.

This knowledge can assist health professionals and policymakers in providing relevant details for informed decision-making.

Over 600 New Zealanders participated in the online survey, expressing preferences for vaccine-related information.

The study revealed a focus on adverse effects and the duration of vaccine protection as key considerations.

Interestingly, vaccine origin and administration route were deemed less crucial.

The research identified variations in preferences among those inclined towards vaccine conspiracy theories.

This group prioritised information on the vaccine's development time and the number of required doses, showing less concern about its effectiveness.

In light of these findings, health providers are advised to address concerns related to the vaccine's development time and the total number of doses for those hesitant to vaccinate.