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Fire at Gulf Harbour Country Club

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17 May 2024, 11:45 PM

Fire at Gulf Harbour Country ClubThe remains of the Gulf Harbour Country Club golf shop. Photo: RNZ/Nick Monro

A golf shop at the vacant Gulf Harbour Country Club caught fire overnight, and was extinguished by six crews.

A Fire and Emergency spokesperson said they sent four engines just before 3am after receiving multiple calls.

Those crews called for back-up while en route.

A total of six crews worked on the blaze at the golf shop which was about 10sqm in size.

It was put out just after 4am.

A fire investigator would be returning to the scene this morning.

Local resident Greg Taylor, whose home was about 400 metres from the scene of the fire, said he woke to see the blaze from his bedroom window.

"It just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger," he said.

He said he wasn't too surprised given the buildings had been empty since the middle of last year.

He feared the main country club building would be next.

"The building itself is completely abandoned, just about every window's been smashed."

Residents had reported it to police and the council, he said.

Local resident Greg Taylor is worried the country club next to the shop will also be set on fire. Photo: RNZ/Nick Monro

The club, a former training ground of world champion Lydia Ko, was abruptly closed last July.

Plans to redevelop the golf course and country club have been off and on, and an application was made to put it's owners into liquidation in April.

The club and its redevelopment has sparked a strong reaction from local residents who formed a society to challenge any possible redevelopment into housing.