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Hibiscus Coast 4-day Forecast

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Staff Reporter

04 July 2024, 3:30 AM

Hibiscus Coast 4-day Forecast Crisp mornings!

Looking ahead, Coasties can expect the next four days to bring the following:

Friday - 5/7

Mostly sunny. Breezy Southerly winds.

High: 13

Low: 6

Saturday - 6/7

Afternoon showers. Breezy to brisk Sou'West winds.

High: 14

Low: 8

Sunday - 7/7

Partly cloudy. Fairly breezy Sou'West winds.

High: 15

Low: 10

Monday - 8/7

Partly cloudy. Breezy Sou'West winds.

High: 16

Low: 8

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