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Kiwis embrace new Kiwi spice blend amidst 'Spice-xiety'

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Staff Reporter

07 July 2024, 10:13 PM

Kiwis embrace new Kiwi spice blend amidst 'Spice-xiety'New blend alleviates fears of cooking with new flavours

While Kiwis love to experiment with flavours in the kitchen, a staggering 87 per cent face 'spice-xiety'—a reluctance to explore new spices in their cooking routines.

The revelation comes as HelloFresh launches the Kiwi Spice Blend, tailored to local tastes after extensive research with Professor Joanne Hort from Massey University.

The study, involving 650 participants, aimed to uncover New Zealanders' spice habits and preferences.

According to the findings, 91 per cent of respondents use spices daily, yet many stick to fewer than five types regularly.

This hesitation, termed 'spice-xiety', often stems from uncertainty in choosing and using spices.

The new Kiwi Spice Blend aims to bridge this gap, offering a pre-mixed solution with flavours like smoked paprika and mustard—crafted to suit Kiwi palates and encourage culinary exploration at home.

Professor Hort highlights that Kiwi cuisine, influenced by diverse global tastes, continues to evolve.

The blend not only meets Kiwis' preference for sweet and smoky flavours but also supports their willingness to try new culinary experiences.

HelloFresh's Hannah Gilbert underscores the blend's development as a collaborative effort to reflect and celebrate New Zealand's unique flavour profile.

Available now, the Kiwi Spice Blend promises to enhance dishes like Smokey Kiwi Chicken & Charred Corn Salad, catering to local tastes year-round.