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New book shares solo parents' experiences

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Staff Reporter

09 July 2024, 6:58 PM

New book shares solo parents' experiencesFocus on differently-structured families

Coasties can now explore the diverse experiences of single parents in Aotearoa with a new anthology titled Rere Takitahi - Flying Solo.

The book, authored by over 50 writers, includes contributions from Dr. Teresa Housel and Caitlin Lester, both from the School of Journalism, Communication and Marketing at Massey University.

The anthology highlights the realities of single-parented and differently-structured families in New Zealand.

Dr. Housel, who contributed a memoir chapter, recalls her childhood with a single father in the US.

"My father sold a beloved toy train set to take us to the county fair," she says, reflecting on her family's financial struggles and her father's selflessness.

Lester expressed her excitement about the project, noting the importance of showcasing the uniqueness of modern families.

"There is no such thing as normal," she says, emphasising the book's celebration of family diversity.

Rere Takitahi aims to shed light on the lives of single parents and other non-traditional family structures, offering a collection of short stories, poems, essays, and news articles that resonate with a broad audience.

Dr. Housel hopes the book will help readers understand that family can be chosen and doesn’t always need to be blood-related.