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New transport hub enhances Auckland airport experience

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Staff Reporter

02 April 2024, 10:01 PM

New transport hub enhances Auckland airport experienceModern facility promises better travel convenience.

Auckland Airport's international terminal is undergoing a significant transformation with the opening of the Transport Hub ground floor today.

Travellers will experience improved drop-off and pick-up facilities, marking a milestone in the airport's history.

The ground floor of the Transport Hub, covering over 14,000m2, offers separate lanes for public and commercial traffic, ensuring a smoother arrival and departure experience.

Auckland Airport Chief Executive Carrie Hurihanganui expressed excitement about the enhanced facilities.

"We're creating a more welcoming environment for international travellers, with plans to extend benefits to domestic customers in the future," said Hurihanganui.

"The new drop-off and pick-up lanes can handle up to 650 vehicles per hour, preparing us for future demands and potential mass rapid transit integration."

Adjacent to the Transport Hub, new office spaces are being constructed with sustainability in mind, including a 1.2-megawatt rooftop solar array and electric vehicle charging points in the car park.

The surrounding area will feature pedestrian walkways and native landscaping.

"We're proud to open this stage of development in just under two years," Hurihanganui noted. "We appreciate the community's patience during construction and believe the convenience of the Transport Hub will be well worth it."

Changes to Terminal Operations

The opening of the Transport Hub marks the closure of the inner terminal road in front of the international terminal, initiating a series of upgrades to support future developments.

Ms Hurihanganui outlined the plans for the area.

"We're reconfiguring the terminal frontage to accommodate a new domestic terminal and improve public transport access," she explained. "This includes creating wider footpaths, pedestrian crossings, and modernising the terminal's appearance."

Underground utilities are also being upgraded to ensure the airport's infrastructure remains robust for the next 50 years.

Works on the road and utilities are expected to continue over the next two years, with pedestrian access maintained throughout.

The Transport Hub brings several customer-focused improvements, including covered drop-off and pick-up areas, enhanced public transport connections, and accessible zones.

With these changes, Auckland Airport aims to provide a seamless travel experience for all passengers.