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NZ aligns car import standard with Australia

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Staff Reporter

09 July 2024, 4:36 AM

NZ aligns car import standard with AustraliaLower vehicle costs for Kiwis. Image by Thomas

Coasties will see reduced vehicle costs as the Government aligns the Clean Car Importer Standard with Australia.

The changes, effective from 1 January 2025, aim to ease cost pressures and ensure access to affordable clean vehicles.

Transport Minister Simeon Brown stated, “The Government supports the Clean Car Importer Standard to ensure New Zealand has an affordable mix of clean vehicles. Following a comprehensive review, we will make key changes to balance reducing transport emissions while ensuring access to affordable vehicles.”

The review found current targets, set by the previous Government, too stringent, forecasting approximately $800.6 million in consumer costs by 2027.

Brown added, “The commercial targets for 2026 and 2027 are more stringent than every other country in the world.”

Aligning with Australian standards will help importers meet targets, avoiding increased vehicle prices.

Changes include adjusting emissions targets and providing flexibility with emission credits and charges.

Disability vehicles will be exempt, allowing easier access for New Zealanders with disabilities.

“New Zealand and Australia are effectively one car market, so it makes sense to have the same approach to CO2 emissions standards between our two countries,” Brown concluded.