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Silverdale car dealership leaves lot empty

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Sandy Beech

19 May 2024, 11:39 PM

Silverdale car dealership leaves lot emptyFHP Motors location stands empty and silent

The local car dealership FHP Motors, located at 2 Silverdale Street, has unexpectedly closed its doors, leaving the lot devoid of all vehicles.

The closure has taken the community by surprise, as there are no signs or notifications on the perimeter fence, website, or Facebook page indicating the reason behind the sudden shutdown.

FHP Motors, known for its extensive inventory of over 100 vehicles, many of which were hybrid electric models, has left potential customers and local businesses puzzled by the abrupt closure.

Efforts to reach FHP Motors management for a statement have been unsuccessful, with phone calls to their contact number going unanswered.

The approximately 2400 square metre property, valued at NZ$2.25 million according to real estate website OnRoof, has a history of short-lived businesses.

Prior to FHP Motors, the site was home to the Tiny Home Expo Centre, and before that, iSell Motors.

Many in the community are speculating about the reasons behind the closure, with some wondering if the high turnover of businesses at this location is indicative of broader economic challenges.

Despite the lack of official communication from FHP Motors, some believe that the economic pressures faced by car dealerships, particularly those specialising in hybrid electric vehicles, may have contributed to the shutdown.

The community is left waiting for further information and hoping for clarity on the future of the prominent site on Silverdale Street.