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Watercare Services Chair appointed

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Staff Reporter

06 July 2024, 7:14 PM

Watercare Services Chair appointedAppointment Brings Leadership Expertise to Watercare Services Board

Auckland Council has selected Geoff Hunt as the new chair of Watercare Services Limited, effective from July 1.

The appointment, endorsed by the council’s Performance and Appointments Committee on June 25, follows a rigorous search for a leader with extensive experience in managing significant organisations and infrastructure.

Geoff Hunt brings a wealth of expertise in construction, operational management, and infrastructure maintenance spanning over 27 years.

His career includes CEO roles at prominent New Zealand companies and advisory positions across various sectors globally.

Hunt's appointment underscores his capability in guiding organisations through transformative phases and navigating complex financial landscapes.

"Geoff's leadership in critical infrastructure and governance will be pivotal as Watercare Services continues its mission," remarked a council spokesperson.

Hunt, a distinguished Engineering New Zealand Fellow with a master’s degree in engineering, currently advises on business strategy and construction project delivery through his consultancy firm.

His appointment aligns with Auckland Council’s strategic objectives to enhance service delivery and infrastructure resilience.